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The Steinway Grand Piano Model A

Steinway A Specifics

Length: 6'2"
Width: 57 3/4"
Weight: 695 lb
Rim: maple and mahogany
Keys: European Spruce
Finish: various
The Demure Parlor Grand

The Steinway A is a perfect fit for those who need the sound and feel of a concert grand, but who are limited in space. The Steinway A is a good choice for schools, colleges and other organizations that want to present a fine off stage or small stage piano for more intimate gatherings than you would find in a large concert hall. Big on sound, but three feet shorter than the Steinway D, the A is nevertheless concert worthy, especially for venues like churches, music rooms, solons, and spacious living rooms. The Model A is also an excellent choice for teaching and rehersal studios to be used by professional musicians. This piano is also a very popular match for many event reception, conference and multi-function rooms.

The outside appearance of the Steinway A varies according to the type of finish. Steinway offers several incredibly beautiful wood veneers the company collects from forests all over the world.



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